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Re: QUERY: Pennsic pre-registration yet again

Poster: "Greg Lindahl" <lindahl@pbm.com>

> Does any gentle here at the Rose know where or who to call/write/email
> queries regarding  the Pennsic pre-registration?
> I sent in a check, postcards and SASEs for three people well before the
> deadline.  I have received postcards for all three, but only two
> registration packets, at least two weeks ago.  The third one has not shown
> up to date.
> I plan to take a copy of my cancelled check to Troll with me to prove that
> I've paid for three.  Any other suggestions?

Edward is already at the War, so there's pretty much no one you can
call or write. Your plan to take the check to troll is a good one;
take the postcard as well.

Gregory Blount

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