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Re: Atlantia and a small challenge

Poster: Thomas Hudson <hudson@cs.unc.edu>

> Poster: Gregory Stapleton <gregsta@MICROSOFT.com>
> Nope.  Dosen't sound like University to me.  I have always found
> Univeristy to be a time of teaching and instruction.  This sounds like a
> time of display and performance and a chance for artisans to get
> together and compare notes.  Something that I find a woeful lack of
> oppertunity in which to participate.  
> In teaching the classes I have taught at University, I find that I never
> have time for this.  I believe a day of this would be a wonderful
> exercise. 
> Then have some more fun afterwards.  Can you say 'Hole in the Wall?' :)
> <Much hissing and booing from the orchestra pit.>

One thing to say for Hole in the Wall - the only mead I've yet liked was
one I encountered last Pennsic while playing in the barn, when somebody
asked for Hole in the Wall *after* we'd already played the endless
fundraiser version:  Tibicen uncorked her private stock and started
passing it around.

On a more practical note, I autocratted University of Atlantia 39, and
am considering submitting a bid to autocrat one sometime next year.
What can we (Autocrat and Chancellor both) do to make it a better
experience for the artisans and teachers?  How can we give you this
kind of contact?  (Is it something we should do, or would it distract
too much from the teaching?)  I'm used to seeing some real lightweight
meeting-of-the-minds turn up in the classes or in the inter-class break,
but...  [As a grad student, I get more from talking with fellow-students
in the same area than I do from some classes]

Giovan, looking forward to the barn this year
Kappellenberg, Windmasters' Hill, Atlantia:  OCFA - LFET
// hudson@cs.unc.edu
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