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Re: Atlantia and a small challenge

Poster: Catmuse@aol.com

In a message dated 96-07-22 18:53:17 EDT, you write:

>Poster: Henry Best <jstrauss@gmu.edu>
>On Mon, 22 Jul 1996, Gregory Stapleton wrote:
>> In teaching the classes I have taught at University, I find that I never
>> have time for this.  I believe a day of this would be a wonderful
>> exercise. 
>> Gawain 
>Ummm, Gawain, I hasten to point out that, the times you have taught at 
>UA, you have taught "martyr style", teaching a single Town class ALL DAY 
>LONG. As wonderful as those classes are and as grateful as we all are for 
>you teaching them, you might consider sometimes just teaching a 1 or 2 
>hour class and "Smelling the Roses" the rest of the day.
>Your experience of UA is not typical.

Might I respectfully point out that an attack of University as it stands was
not and is not the point of the whole question.  

Cannot this Kingdom support one A&S event that is NOT University?  In my
experience OOK (out of Kingdom), such events are considered a common staple
and different/COMPLIMENTARY to University-type events.

Please, let's not argue, but work together to make more fun and creativity
for all of us?  Besides, I LIKE University the way it is, and there's not
really a change I'd make to it <as far as total scope changes>.  <G>

<Smiling and doing a curtesy to the assembled gentles, Demetria stands to fan

Demetria della Stanza
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