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Re: Atlantia and a small challenge

Poster: Catmuse@aol.com

In a message dated 96-07-22 16:41:36 EDT, you write:

>On a more practical note, I autocratted University of Atlantia 39, and
>am considering submitting a bid to autocrat one sometime next year.
>What can we (Autocrat and Chancellor both) do to make it a better
>experience for the artisans and teachers?  How can we give you this
>kind of contact?  (Is it something we should do, or would it distract
>too much from the teaching?)  I'm used to seeing some real lightweight
>meeting-of-the-minds turn up in the classes or in the inter-class break,
>but...  [As a grad student, I get more from talking with fellow-students
>in the same area than I do from some classes]
>Giovan, looking forward to the barn this year
>Kappellenberg, Windmasters' Hill, Atlantia:  OCFA - LFET
>// hudson@cs.unc.edu

It's often unfortunately the case that those who teach, don't have time to
take classes, or really interact with those who are in their field, unless it
works that they can take cross-classes.  What I think is envisioned here is
more of an open forum with separate areas/rooms for different disciplines.
Places we can all get together and work on projects, ask that question of a
person you NEVER get to see and have been meaning to.  That way, all the
artisans of a particular discipline could really get to see their fellows,
and interested but untutored people could come and probably get some
first-rate instruction or advice from those present.

This is different from structured class time, but I think just as needed, for
the growth of enthusiasm and ideas that A&S can foster.

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