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MRS: Perils of Public Office (Was:Re: Good Gentles wanting to find)

Poster: "Edward R. Ewen, Jr." <tewen@gandalf.cs.wcu.edu>

Good Gentles,

Tibor, exasperated, reiterates:
>But I did want to warn about the dark side of the possibilities.  Sigh.
> 	Tibor

and puts me in mind of a story:

  When I was Seneschale of The Canton Formerly Known as Mynnyd Twr I had 
a visitor.  This lady was completely unknown to me, and showed up at my 
doorstep ASKING FOR A PLACE TO STAY.  After some discussion I learned 
that she had called SCA corporate and asked for the local contact (me).  
She was not, and as far as I could tell never had been, directly involved 
with the SCA, but knew enough to track me down.  

After hearing her background, I decided it was probably best for her to 
seek lodging elsewhere (a VERY hard choice for me, and I did ask around 
to see if anyone else would be willing to take her in).  I learned a very 
important lesson that day....

Even if you WANT to be found, you are not always found by those you want.



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