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Faires, University and A&S, oh my [long]

Poster: Charlene Noto <charlenn@MICROSOFT.com>

Henry Best in Re: Atlantia and a Challenge stated:

Having rambled enough, let me simply say this: If you identify a need,
such as Gawain has done, well and good. Why not take it upon yourself to
_address_ the need? You might design an event around your idea. You
simply gather up your stuff and take your show on the road at other
events. And remember that the answer to the question, "Why don't we hold
events that have such and such?" is always this: YOU haven't autocratted

My, oh my, oh my.... I need to read the list more thoroughly. I suppose
it certainly gives me a lead in for the upcoming Kingdom event (which
was the reason for my little comment that started this ta-doo in the
first place <sigh>).

An Arts and Science Festival similar to what is held in other Kingdoms
and has been requested by many individuals within this Kingdom. It will
be sometime early to mid '97. As soon as the details are firmed up (by
next week), I will post them.

Why have THIS event?

I have been continually requested to have a Kingdom Arts and Science
Festival like this.

This event allows the students who have taken classes at University and
the various collegiums around the Kingdom to display what they have
learned. They then have the opportunity to have that same teacher (who
may be in another part of the Kingdom) see their progress and give them
feedback. I for one, would love to be able to see what individuals who
have taken either my Spanish stitch or Needle Lace classes have done
with it.

It gives an opportunity for individuals in certain mediums to actually
give a hands-on display without stopping, looking at what their students
are doing and then continue to teach. (Wonderful experiences both...but
they are different).

The populace has the opportunity to see new Arts and Sciences that they
have not had the opportunity to see (not necessarily to learn how to do.
Again, both nice but different) and hear an artisan talk about it. 

The Peerage have an opportunity to view the work of individuals they may
not get to see at many events. Something very much needed by many of our
artisans who do not come into frequent contact with the Laurel and
sometimes even the Pearl community.

In my opinion, we have as broad an arts and science base as any other
Kingdom and some very unique areas of study. We should be able to
support  a day devoted to artisans display/performance with the full
support of the Laurel and Pearl community providing Q&A's and artisan

This, of course, is not everyone's cup of tea. However....

Hopefully, there will be Laurels and/or Pearls willing to display their
work and give a scheduled Q&A for 1/2 hour to an hour. There are many
individuals that want to come up at an event and ask a question about
that clothing, that box, whatever...and NEVER will because they are
afraid of being considered rude (however incorrect that assumption is)!

Hopefully, many of the Peerage will provide feedback to others making
their attempt at that particular art or science. Their comments mean so
much to artisans, particularly those not in their local group.

There are so many things I read in reports happening all over the
Kingdom. I have long wished to see them. At events, many times I have
found one or the other of us too busy to stop and talk. This gives the
opportunity to know that from 2:00-2:30, Master so and so will be giving
a Q&A on that piece of armor. I can gather around, listen, ask questions
and learn. Not learn how to do it...but increase my awareness and begin
to appreciate the particular art.

I look forward to artisans coming together to sing, display their
paintings, tell stories, read poems, demonstrate that loom, demonstrate
their magic (<hint..hint, Henry), put on a short play and it will be a
wonderful event. So...(long winded letter at an end)... if you are
interested in participating, or have requests ("I'd like to see...") or
feedback, please contact me. I would love to hear from you.

<joke on>
I guess I don't need to write a letter to the Acorn anymore, hmmmm? ;-)
<joke off>


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