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Re: Intolerance of Atlantia

Poster: Dukeolaf@aol.com

Hopefully, my lord, all of us are not scorned throughout the Knowne World. I
have traveled extensively over fifteen years in the SCA as a Knight and
Ambassador for Our kingdom. I have many friends in many lands. I have been
introduced to new people all across the country and have heard many many
times " Oh, you're THAT Olaf, I have heard many good things about you". These
words and these opinions have mattered greatly to me and still do. The one
thing that has remained  foremost in my mind as I wane into retirement from
fighting and certain obscurity is that when my name is mentioned far and wide
I will be thought of as a fair and true person who has treated people as
people and has put humanity ahead of brass. As advice to you as to your
ambitions, let not the failure or shortcomings of others taint the image that
you have of what you wish to be. If these people have as negative view then
you be the one that changes their minds. Picture in your mind what a Knight
should be and be that Knight.

Good luck

Duke Olaf
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