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Re: Bardic Event

Poster: "Lynn Pawelka" <lynn_pawelka@server.hort.ncsu.edu>

                      RE>>Bardic Event                             7/25/96

So sayeth Deoca Yarntangler:
[snippage describing the Jongleurie in Elvegast]

Yes, this event is great fun, and there's been much positive feedback.
However, I must make one small correction to the following:

>     bellydancing. Plus, in the evening there's a tavern open for dinner 
>     and bardics all night.

As head of serving wenches (=don't= call me Madam ;-) ) and wife of the Tavern
Keep, I say AAACK!! The Tavern is indeed open for fun and games all night, but
dinner ends roughly at 9. (It doesn't have to end roughly, though, if everyone
cooperates. ;-) ) The wenches and the scullery staff want to play, too, and
dear Edith, bless her heart, =is= getting on now... 

>     The gathering of talent at this event is always impressive. Plus the 
>     information exchange and general fun had by all is not to be missed!
>     So, put the Jounglerie on your calender. This year will be the third 
>     annual. It's usually around the middle of March. 
A rousing "Yeah, what she said!"

In service with a smile,

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