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Re: INQUIRY:Pennsic refunds

Poster: MPengwyn@aol.com

In a message dated 96-07-26 09:10:25 EDT, you write:

 Poster: Gene Bonar <grb@fns.com>
 To all great and glorious rose-like patrons of the Merry Rose,
 Alas I have have sad news, the lovely and charming, Estrillita can not
 go to Pennsic as she had planned and she asked me to ask the collective
 wisdom of the Merry Rose if you knew how she might get her registration
 fee refunded.
 In service to Crown and Society,
 Eoghan mac Ailpein, Proto-Highlander Mid-800            
 Elvegast, Windmaster's Hill, Atlantia       
 mka  Gene Bonar  grb@fns.com  919 772 1112 >>

Check the Pennsic homepage. The date for refunds is Aug 17 and full details
are available there now.

In Service,

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