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Re: INQUIRY:Pennsic refunds

Poster: Mark Schuldenfrei <schuldy@abel.MATH.HARVARD.EDU>

  Alas I have have sad news, the lovely and charming, Estrillita can not
  go to Pennsic as she had planned and she asked me to ask the collective
  wisdom of the Merry Rose if you knew how she might get her registration
  fee refunded.

I am afraid she is out of luck, as the deadline for *arrival* of refund
requests was today.  It was posted on the Web page for Pennsic, and almost
nowhere else.  Given the poor publicity, perhaps a prompt request made right
now could be honored.

I've taken the liberty of copying the contents of that page here, in case
others wish to see it.



be returned and RECEIVED by JULY 26,1996 to receive a refund. 
Please include a SASE, with the Final Confirmation Letter/Postcard, 
in your mailed request for a Refund to:
 Coopers Lake Campground       
        Pennsic Registration
        205 Currie Road
        Slippery Rock, PA     16057
Refunds will be issued ONLY in the name of the Person so named on the Final 
Pre-registration Confirmation. THere will be NO "bulk-consolidation" of 
registrations. One Prereg form; one check. Checks will be issued after 
Please note that people asking for refunds will be deducted from the Group 
Camping allotments.
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