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Re: Pennsic

Poster: "Sharon Henderson" <sharon@intercon.com>

Milady Miriam scripsit:

> Good Gentles, 
>      Everyone has been spending so much time discussing blow 
> calibration and what makes a knight and the reputation of the Kingdom 
> that I have seen few mentions and no real discussion on the more 
> pressing issues----- 
> Who is Going to Pensic and what neat things are we going to do this 
> year. 
> Where are people camping? What are the hot parties this year? Come 
> on people, this is Pensic 25! There has to be someone besides myself 
> who is looking forward to it! 
>                                   Miriam 

Greetings Miriam!

	I am indeed going to Pennsic, and though with my sewing unfinished I 
look forward to it with a certain time-related dread ("Objects on Calendar are 
Closer than they Appear!"), nevertheless I am anticipating a week away from 
the cares of software quality control and other RealWorld difficulties.

	I'll be camping with my comrades of Clan Badger's Crossing, Another 
Fine Product of House Drunken Badger, in NW 12, some portion of Dagen's Dell; 
it is said to be a lovely, tree-covered area, where quietude is enforced.  
This means I have somewhere quiet to recover after journeying elsewhere to 
parties! :-)

	The top things for which I intend to shop this year, are an Irish 
Leinne, a new belt, some medieval shoes, and patterns for new gowns, etc.  I 
am beginning to daydream rhapsodically on lemon ices and Cooper's chocolate 
Milk, and my banner is almost finished.

	Sigh.... I don't leave here until Monday the 12th....  But that means 
I'll probably finish my sewing! :-)

	Does anyone know if there will be a Merry Rose gathering?  Any ideas on 
where and when?

	Meli ferch Iasper

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