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Re: Moving After Pennsic

Poster: CORVUS2@aol.com

In a message dated 96-07-29 12:30:29 EDT, you write:

> Greetings to all the fine gentles gathered at the Merry Rose from 
>     Deoca Yarntangler,
>     As soon as I return from the War, I'll be relocating to the Asheville, 
>     NC area. Could someone tell me what Barony that is and who the contact 
>     person in Asheville is? Also, if you know of any good places for rent 
>     outside of town, please pass that along too.

That would probably be... ME!  Or at least here on the Merry Rose, it is.
 Lady Deoca, we are in the Barony of the Sacred Stone and if you'll find our
encampment at Pennsic (or catch me at Herald's Point), I'll try to have
something on rental properties with me (says she of the decreasing

My home contact junk is in the _Acorn_.

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