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Re: Tirant Clubs Baby Seal

Poster: Karen Elisa Green <kgreen2@osf1.gmu.edu>

Someone who only identified himself as Michael Surbrook inquired,

"Where does one find this book, BTW?"

Currently, there are two English editions (the book is originally in 
Catalan, a language spoken in eastern Spain), both of which proclaim that 
they are the original English translation.  Alfredo and I have been 
discussing the two translations -- it turns out that he has the second 
translation and I have the first translation, not that it matters 
greatly, because the first translation was published second.

Your *best* bet in finding the book is to ask either Alfredo or myself.  
It is quite difficult to find TIRANT in libraries or bookstores; I 
ordered my copy from Border's and it took quite a while before it arrived 
at the bookstore.   (As I recall, I ordered it in December, and it 
arrived some time in March.)

I will try to bring my copy to Pennsic, if anyone would like to stop by
and take a look at it.  (I will be camping with the household of Sir Brion
and spending a lot of time in the Costume Connection shop, I imagine.  
I'm not sure as to the exact location of the camp.)

Karen Larsdatter med det Usigelige Efternavn fra Skyggedal
  who can spell her name ;)
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