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Re: Tirant Clubs Baby Seal

Poster: Scott Law <law@sirocco.mitre.org>

> Your *best* bet in finding the book is to ask either Alfredo or myself.  
> It is quite difficult to find TIRANT in libraries or bookstores; I 
> ordered my copy from Border's and it took quite a while before it arrived 
> at the bookstore.   (As I recall, I ordered it in December, and it 
> arrived some time in March.)

  Amazon books (www.amazon.com) doesnt' have it in stock (I looked earlier
when Alfredo first started quoting it.  Actually, if he keeps this up, I'll
have the whole thing! ;), but will special order, which they guess will take
4-6 weeks.  I haven't special ordered from them, so I don't know how good 
that is, but did order some garb books from them.  You can order your books 
and then call in a credit card by phone rather than submitting it over the
net, which I thought was nice.  Sorry, didn't mean to turn into an advert 
and, no, I don't work for them, but will take any money they slide under the
table.  Anyway, the bottom line is that this one bookstore have it with their
regular distributers, but have several versions listed that they can special 
order.  Wouldn't be surprised if they got that from books in print, so most
bookstores could probably do the same.


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