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Re: Tirant Clubs Baby Seal

Poster: virtual valkyries <valkyries@jagunet.com>

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>The fact that this book, written by an actual knight in the Period
>to uphold the values of chivalry, fails to meet my expectations,
>suggests to me that my notions of chivalry are not accurate.
>Is my idea of chivalry, in fact, in line with the general modern view?
>Is the author's idea of chivalry in line with the general view in
>the Period?
>Is the general modern view of chivalry in line with the Period view?
>If the two views differ, which, if either, should the Atlantian Chivalry
>strive towards?
>Are these questions worth pondering, or discussing at the Merry Rose?
>Does this raise any other ponder-worthy questions that I haven't mentioned?
>-- Alfredo
>Alfredo el Bufon
>Elvegast, Windmaster's Hill, Atlantia
Dear Alfredo et al.,
I think this excerpt does raise some questions that are not often dealt with
in the Society.  One of the main problems in dealing with and attempting to
recreate history is trying to correctly interpret the history.  Everyone
looks at history through the eyes of a person with a modern frame of
reference.  And as such,  interprets the actions and motivations differently
than someone who lived in a different time period.  If you read any of the
Victorian works on the medieval period, you will notice a significant
difference in interpretation.  For example, any of Carrol's works.
Victorians divined a more romantic, idealistic version of the Middle Ages.
A good book that tries to divine the proper frame of reference for
interpreting a medieval knight is the controversial Terry Jones' book on
Chaucer's knight.  Not to go on too much but, I think it's always important
to remember that the SCA is a modern interpretation of a portion of the
Middle Ages and Renaissance, and not an actual recreation.  I do not believe
that it is actually possible for us to recreate the Middle Ages because we
have the wrong frame of reference.  Hope this wasn't too much of a tangent.
In service,
Victoria Fitzgerald
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