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Poem number three, Yes, I am irrepressable,

Poster: Lance Harrop <lharrop@mrj.com>

Should I But Once
by Leifr Johansson

I just can't hit the man at all
It's not as though I haven't tried
Save maybe in a practice hall
In end, it's always I who's died

I've taken out so many knights
The best I cherish as my prize
Fond memories, such lovely fights
With him it's always I who dies

It's well then that he's often right
In when he speaks and what he says
So if we always end in fight
It's 'cause our cause so closely lays

I s'pose I should not feel so bad
Ov'r one of grace and noted skill
That I've the victory not had
For I can always hope I will

Would then the Trump of Doom give sound
Should I but once, oh if I did
Oh would the world come crashing down
If once I were to beat Dafydd

The Earl, in this case ;-)
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