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Re: a Point of Contact for Pennsic?

Poster: Scott Law <law@sirocco.mitre.org>

> 	I am hoping that one of you good lords and ladies might be able to
> provide me with some sorely-needed information. My husband (who goes by
> Jordan Hobbs) is military, and needs to fill out a leave form in order
> for us to get permission to come to Pennsic. We already have the address
> information, however, there is apparently no phone number of who the
> military should contact in case an emergency should arise on their part
> (which is the only reason they need the number, they are picky about
> that). If there is a phone number for the Troll booth, or some such
> number that is alright to give out, please, do send it to us post-haste.
> :) (For those of you so inclined, please do NOT send your personal phone
> numbers out of pity :))

  This was posted last year by one of the autocrats:

 This post is for those who may be in need of an emergency phone number
for Pennsic.  The Cooper's Camp Store phone number is (412)368-8710.
Please remember the camp store is a business, and utilize this phone
number for emergencies only.

I would make sure the his supervisor understands the situation and knows his
SCA name and who he is camping with.  Basically, they will send security to 
find him and pass on the emergency message.  Of course, if he is being called
back because a war has started, he can tell them he's already involved in 
one! ;)


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