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Re: Mundane Military/SCA Overlap <was: My Thanks for the Information>

Poster: Michael Ford/HNS <Michael_Ford@notesgw.hns.com>

Morning friends,

>This reminds me of a comment made many years ago, back when a group (a shire I 
think) was organized on the USS Nimitz.  This comment involved that group being 
the only shire with nuclear capability.  I don't think we were ever really 
tempted to mention that in Pennsic negotiations......  :)

Having been stationed on the Nimitz shortly after the Shire of Curragh Mor 
folded(before '87 I believe), and on board when it moved to An Tir (Bremmerton, 
WA), the nuclear capability was of great interest to the Royals upon our 
arrival and we were greeted with open arms.  They mentioned something about 
using this at War:^).  Of course those of us that were stationed on board were 
only too happy to oblige.  The Nimitz(or it's dock) now appears to be called 
the Port of Curragh Mor.  Take good care my friends,

Sean MacKay
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