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Re: Mundane Military/SCA Overlap <was: My Thanks for the In

Poster: "H L. Falls" <hlf@holmes.acc.Virginia.EDU>

> > would be cool if it really did happen.  Sorry for debunking this story for
> > those of you who liked it:^).  Have fun,
> > 
> > Sean MacKay
> That's just great!!  A squid party-pooper extraordinaire;)
> Falcone

   Well I heard about it from guys who claimed to be there, and I'm
not quite ready to call them liars yet!  Just out of curiosity, you
(Sean) mentioned talking to people who had been there 4 years or so.
The incident, if it occured, would have happened more like 11+ years
ago.  Were you able to check all your sources that far back?  (Not
to call you a liar, either.  It's just too good a story to let go 
of without a fight!  :-)

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