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Re: Mundane Military/SCA Overlap <was: My Thanks for the In

Poster: Henry Best <jstrauss@gmu.edu>

> Having heard several versions of this story even before I was stationed aboard 
> the Nimitz, I wanted to find out the truth, if any, about what was said to 
> happen.  I asked several of the crew and  officers (including the Captain) who 
> had been on board for as many as 4 years, if this or any version of the story 
> was true.  To a man, the reply was, there is no way that the Captain would have 
> allowed SCA fighters on the flight deck, much less at sea with a Russian bomber 
> flying overhead.  The fact is that there would be some record, in the way of 
> pictures, a log entry, a story in the Nimitz newsletter and most assuredly 
> video from the flight deck cameras.  None of these things exist, because they 
> didn't happen, my efforts to be allowed to have a fighter practice onboard were 
> even nixed.  Though, I did get some interest from those I asked who thought it 
> would be cool if it really did happen.  Sorry for debunking this story for 
> those of you who liked it:^).  Have fun,
> Sean MacKay

I served onboard an aircraft carrier for three years. I concur that there 
is NO WAY that anyone would be permitted on the flight deck during flight 
ops in SCA armor. No way, no how, not ever. This is not a military 
culture issue which could vary from captain to captain. This is an issue 
of bottom line safety regulations, non-negotiable.

It is possible but not probable that fighter practice could be held on 
the flight deck during downtime. It is MUCH more likely that, operations 
and space permitting, fighter practice would take place on the hanger 
deck. Although my ship did not enjoy SCA activities, there was a group 
that regularly practiced the bo staff on the hanger deck.

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