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Re: Nimitz mythos

Poster: Michael Ford/HNS <Michael_Ford@notesgw.hns.com>

Good afternoon Virgil and everyone else here at the Merry Rose,

Scott Law <law@sirocco.mitre.org> wrote;

>> Myths are fine.  But I just happened to be stationed on board the Nimitz and 
>> wanted to give it life with facts.  If a myth is to be told, it should have 
>> some consistency to the tale.  

>Actually, but exactly because myths are handed down from the hoary mists (near 
Seattle, maybe? ;) they are inconsistent.  

In fact the myths in question are Atlantian based and stem from when the Nimitz 
was based in Norfolk, VA.  I am unsure as to how old the Nimitz is any more, 
but she wasn't that old when I boarded her for the first time, so the myth was 
still fresh, inconstant, but fresh.  A story that, at the time, was probably 
less than 6 years old, should have some members who could recall what they saw 
as it happened.  Even now there should be at least one person in Atlantia that 
could recall at least one person, by name, that was there. 

>Sure, if you just read Edith Hamilton's Mythology, she only tells you a nice 
simple story.  But look at LaRouse and you'll see that the Norse myths had two 
major version (one Scandinavian and the other, um, Teutonic).  This isn't 
including all the minor variations from one end of the country to the next.  
[This is all from
memory, so details may vary, but I think this is generally true.]

All of this is true and spread out over several centuries, I expect.  
Have fun,

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