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Re: More Pennsic Travel (and weather)

Poster: Anjulimcd@aol.com

In a message dated 96-07-27 01:32:17 EDT, you write:

 If you'll be sailing the Great East-West Highway in Maryland, otherwise
 as I-70 and then I-68 once you're west of Hancock, here's the latest on the
 road conditions:
 From what I remember of my trip tonight; there is construction in progress
 on I-70 for a few miles east of the exit for Rt 65 in Hagerstown.  I don't
 recall offhand what the exit number is (29, I think) but it's the one with
 Md. State Police and Large McDonald's (my usual stop-off).
 Once you're past that area, it's pretty much clear all the rest of the way
 of Maryland and on into West Virginia on I-68.
 My detailed knowledge of I-68 ends at exit 14 (in Md.), where I make my
 ..nary a constable in sight the whole 173 miles..
I found the same to be true, in driving to my parents' home in Cumberland, MD
last weekend.  I plan to stop off at their place one night, then head to
Pennsic from there.
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