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Pennsic Weather, Travel, etc.

Poster: Beth Morris <bmorris@access.digex.net>

Hello fellow Atlantians who are doubtless wondering about life at
Cooper's Lake this year....

Having just returned from land grab, things at Cooper's Lake are doing
well.  Some things have been moved (like the Postern Gate that leads from
the serengeti to the battlefield) and some things remain the same, but 
the key points are:

1)  Medallion numbers were assigned apparently alphabetically to those who
preregistered, thus folks won't have low number badges if they arrive
early (I was #49xx on Friday the 2nd...)  But the medallions are cool.
And useful....

2) There will be construction this week on the PA turnpike east of New
Stanton (exit 8) - they're setting overhead steel, probably at night, but
it may affect those who are coming from further south and hit that section
in the evening.

3) The weather this weekend at least was hot and sunny during the day
(high 80's but not too humid) but chilly at night (I'm guessing high 50's:
I was cold in my sleeping bag and chilly Friday night in a sleeveless
tunic over long pants and a T-shirt).  And the morning dew was wetter than
in recent years (reminds me of Pennsics about 8 years ago) - my shoes are
*still* wet.....

Otherwise, it looks to be an excellent Pennsic = see y'all up there!!!

Beth Morris
Sometime Kingdom Seneschal....

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