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Re: Pennsic Weather, Travel, etc.

Poster: Greg Welker <gwelker@erols.com>


Thanks for the news.  WIll it be wet or dry?  Any word on what happens to
those who preregister and didn't get a donfirmation letter?

At 06:29 PM 8/4/96 -0400, Beth Morris wrote:
>Hello fellow Atlantians who are doubtless wondering about life at
>Cooper's Lake this year....
>Having just returned from land grab, things at Cooper's Lake are doing
>well.  Some things have been moved (like the Postern Gate that leads from
>the serengeti to the battlefield) and some things remain the same, but 
>the key points are:
>1)  Medallion numbers were assigned apparently alphabetically to those who
>preregistered, thus folks won't have low number badges if they arrive
>early (I was #49xx on Friday the 2nd...)  But the medallions are cool.
>And useful....
>2) There will be construction this week on the PA turnpike east of New
>Stanton (exit 8) - they're setting overhead steel, probably at night, but
>it may affect those who are coming from further south and hit that section
>in the evening.
>3) The weather this weekend at least was hot and sunny during the day
>(high 80's but not too humid) but chilly at night (I'm guessing high 50's:
>I was cold in my sleeping bag and chilly Friday night in a sleeveless
>tunic over long pants and a T-shirt).  And the morning dew was wetter than
>in recent years (reminds me of Pennsics about 8 years ago) - my shoes are
>*still* wet.....
>Otherwise, it looks to be an excellent Pennsic = see y'all up there!!!
>Beth Morris
>Sometime Kingdom Seneschal....
Greg Welker

"It's what you do that makes your soul"

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