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Questions of Fighting Technique--Chronique

Poster: Brian Price <brion@chronique.com>

Below are the new Chronique questions for issue #15--Fighting Techniques.

Chronique is a quarterly print journal dedicated to stimulating chivalric 
discussion within the SCA and to promoting historical elements of 
knighthood, chivalry & the tournament. We can be found at our resource 
library at www.chronique.com--please stop by and drop us a note! We are 
looking for more people to help with a rapidly expanding library on these 

The questions below will appear in issue #14, Consorts & the Gallery, and 
are designed to prompt combatants and members of the gallery to consider 
what they feel is important. You can respond directly through the web page 
or by returning this email with your responses.

Everyone whose answers are selected for inclusion in #15 will receive a 
FREE issue of our 68pp journal. Please don't forget to add your name, 
address, and SCA persona to any reply, so that you can get your journal and 
so that we can send you your copy of the journal. Thank you for your time 
and we hope you enjoy both our web page and these questions!


Question #1: If a fighting technique is technically legal, but against the 
'chivalric' culture of the region, are there any
conditions under which it should be used?


Question #2: Would you use an inelegant technique if it was effective? Why 
or why not?


Question #3: Is it valid to throw light blows that land on an opponent in 
order to distract him? Why or why not?


Question #4: Is there any difference between the techniques that should be 
used in SCA war and a tournament or
pas d'armes?


Question #5: If a knight is in a war, should he use bribery to capture an 
important town or garrison?


Question #6: What are the things you've noticed that the finest knights 
have in common in terms of fighting


Question #7: If most medieval knights fought mounted, is there any validity 
to the SCA style of fighting, which is
done on foot?


Question #8: What is the most important piece of advice relating to 
fighting technique you would offer to the novice


Question #9: Who has the most beautiful fighting style that you've 
seen--what makes it unique or elegant or fun to
watch? Can you describe the style?


Question #10: There are some in the SCA who believe that we are not 
striking hard enough to penetrate mail
defenses. If this is true, should we raise our calibration?

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