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Pennsic Road Conditions

Poster: Tom Bilodeau <tirloch@interramp.com>

Greetings unto the Merry Rose from Tirloch!

I went up for Land Grab and all should look at the hill on your left as 
you enter the troll entrance as it is neat, cool, etc. Coopers also 
echoes the hill statement with a similar one done by the main bath 
house. The medallion is brass and very cool. No more said as it should 
be a surprise for those gentles when they pass through troll.

Concerning the weather....I got there on 3 Aug and left today (6 Aug) to 
gather some teenaged daughters in Marinus for their first/second 
Pennsic...but forgive me for meandering off the weather path....

It has been hot and humid since the 3rd. Little clouds during the day, 
mid 80s and high humidity. At times, the sun is just hot!!! Straw hats 
and cool water are a must! Nights have been cool to cold (depending upon 
your internal thermometers) There is a good set of dew in the morning so 
y'all might want to cover stuff left outdoors unless you like wet stuff 
for the morning.

The water at the spigots is clear upon release from the well but it 
clouds up into a 'brownish or tea water' very quickly. After boiling it 
for 3-5 minutes, we use it for cooking although it does take a while to 
get used to the metallic taste. Some folks prefer using bottled water.

Road conditions:

Penn turnpike is always under construction. Weekends appeared free of 
work crews but weekday travels are fraught with single lanes around 
exits 3-7 both east and west bound. Speed limit is 65 except where road 
crews are and then it is either 55 or 40. State troopers are in the 
vicinity of the work crews.

Regarding Interstate 79: I got onto it at the Cranberry exit of the 
turnpike and the road north was smooth sailing. Speed limit is 65.

A&S Classes: They start on Wednesday, 7 Aug!

In Service,

Tirloch of Tallaght

PS Clan Cambion is living on Tuchux Hill for those interested...
Tom Bilodeau
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