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Re: We have to Give this Drink A Name! :)

Poster: Lance Day <lday@access.digex.net>

Achbar wrote:

> > The ingredients are:
> > 
> > 9g of sodium chloride
> > 15.44g sodium citrate
> > 0.72g aspartame (helps induce voluntary consumption)
> > and enough water to make 2 liters.  

> Let me put it to you like this, You don't care what it yasye like after
> you have been fighting in the Pennsic Sun for several Hours.
> I drank that pennsic swill last year by the Gallon.
> Where do you get the ingredients for this Drink.  i would like to try it.
> Achbar

Lets see;

Sodium chloride and water - pretty much a given, though you might want
                            to consider Kosher salt if you want just
                            NaCl instead of NaCl + I

aspartame - Although I don't remember which, one of the major
            sugar alternatives is aspartame rather than Nutra-sweet.
            Is it 'Equal'?

sodium citrate - this might be a problem, though something in the
                 back of my mind tells me you can find it either
                 somewhere in the aisle with the first aid things
                 or at the pharmacy.

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