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I meant a Cool Atlantian name :)

Poster: James Morrow <Achbar@worldnet.att.net>

Lance Day wrote:

> Sodium chloride and water - pretty much a given, though you might want
>                             to consider Kosher salt if you want just
>                             NaCl instead of NaCl + I
> aspartame - Although I don't remember which, one of the major
>             sugar alternatives is aspartame rather than Nutra-sweet.
>             Is it 'Equal'?
> sodium citrate - this might be a problem, though something in the
>                  back of my mind tells me you can find it either
>                  somewhere in the aisle with the first aid things
>                  or at the pharmacy.

   This sounds like a nice little grocery List.  maybe I  will go out and find this 
stuff before I head off to Pennsic today.   A name like " Salt and Equal Quench "  just 
doesn't cut it  for me.  We will think of something

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