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Re: It's Me!(banter)

Poster: Michael Ford/HNS <Michael_Ford@notesgw.hns.com>

(Sean strolls into the tavern.  All is quiet and the room is bereft of 
occupants, save for the fact that his lady, Maria is sitting alone at a table 
in the middle of the room)

Good morning my love.  I couldn't help but hear you yell to me as I was just 
outside the tavern, so I came in to talk to you, where we could be alone.  
(Sean sits down across from Maria)

>You have time to post to silly messages but you don't have time to post to me 

I can post tongue in cheek without thinking about it, so it takes little time.  
I must think about something to say to you;^).

>Oh buy the way, or is it by the way,

That would be "by the way" we cannot afford to buy anything, much less "a way".

>(how's that for run on sentence structure)

You almost lost me at the boyfriends, son-in-law part, but I hung on throughout.


HEY!!!!  What did I just kick under the table?!?!?  (Sean reaches under the 
table and pulls out)  HENRY?!?!?  What are _YOU_ doing there?!?!?

Sean(have fun)
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