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Re: Test Message - Please i

Poster: "Edward R. Ewen, Jr." <tewen@gandalf.cs.wcu.edu>

Let's see..  when last was I in Jersey......1986 I guess, though that 
only for a visit.  

Where in Jersey were you Lynn?  I grew up around Sandy Hook on the 
shore...though I loved the Lake Hopatcong region as well.  It's amazingly 
similar to the area of NC I live in now.  Oh, how I feel for those poor 
souls who've only seen the 'runoff' from New York or Philadelphia.  They 
called Jersey the Garden State for a reason.


> That's OK, dear. I still love you anyway. ;-) ;-) 
> Lynn (Who's not been back to NJ in so long, she's forgotten which exit...)

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