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Cool Drink/Aspartame

Poster: nachtanz@patriot.net (Susan and Ken Reed)

Good gentles,

I wasn't quite paying attention when I was going through my mail, but if
this is a real drink, please tell anyone you give it to that it has
aspartame (also better known as "Nutra-sweet") in it. Some of us have
*severe* reactions to aspartame (3 to 4 hours of paralysis for me plus the
most severe headaches I have ever experienced), so people need to be
informed if it is in something they are given.

>> aspartame - Although I don't remember which, one of the major
>>             sugar alternatives is aspartame rather than Nutra-sweet.
>>             Is it 'Equal'?

BTW, "Nutra-sweet" is a brand name of aspartame as is "Equal." Now that
Searle no longer has exclusive liscence to produce aspartame, it is now
often found in ingredient lists with its generic name.

I'l get off of my soapbox now,

Teleri Talgellawg

Susan and Ken Reed                    AFPOPA

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