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Re: Test Message - Please

Poster: "Lynn Pawelka" <lynn_pawelka@server.hort.ncsu.edu>

                      RE>>Test Message - Please                    8/9/96

Quoth Falcone:
>> P.S. - How come nobody ignored Falcone's original message?
> Actually, I am kind of glad.  It was a nice break from the cheddar
experience.  I happen 
> to be in the land of cheeseheads extraordinaire, where life has become
..curdly... at 
> best.
Wisconsin... I cheddar to think of it. Well, it's gouda to hear from you.

> Beer, brats, and brunschweiger...Oh my!
Yes, a couple of beers helps if you have to deal with children - they can be
such muensters sometimes. Oh, brat*wurst*? Well, some brats really *are* the

(Cheese, I just cracker myself up!)

Lynn (Celynnen would never pun so badly!)

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