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Under New Management

Poster: Henry Best <jstrauss@gmu.edu>

Okay, all you I-didn't-go-to-Pennsic types:

Kendrick is leaving me in charge of you guys while he's off getting 
skewered by EK rapiers and shopping for that certain something for his 
lady and trading juggling tricks and.....

The fact is, I know nearly nothing about managing a list. One like this, 
which is automatic, is particularly puzzling to me, as it requires no 
actual work as long as everything works right. SO here I sit, master of 
all I survey, except that I can't survey anything unless it breaks and 
sends me a message telling me what to do.

If we have any problems, you can expect me to be smilingly 
well-intentioned but probably non-helpful.

Q: Why did I agree to do the job if I didn't know how?
A: So Kendrick would relax and enjoy Pennsic.

Q: Why does Kendrick think I know how to manage a list?
A: Because last time, he gave the job to BOTH Corun and me. Corun did all 
the work and I took all the credit, which I thought a fairly good 
division of labor at the time.

Q: Where the hell is Corun?
A: Enjoying Pennsic, just like all Right Thinking Persons <tm> are doing.

So, when Kendrick gets back, be sure and tell him everything went fine, 
so he will feel free to not worry next time, too. 

| Ld Henry Best		| "People don't quit playing because they   |
| John Strauss		| grow old. They grow old because they quit |
| jstrauss@gmu.edu	| playing." 	    -Oliver Wendell Holmes  |

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