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MR-Disc: Honor

Poster: edh@ascc01.ascc.lucent.com

> > * Has King Arthur ever appeared at an SCA event, as part of
> > either a masque or a supernatural element?
> Not to my knowledge; but the SCA is a big roomy place. Beornheard and I
> were collaborating on a quest for Atlantian 15 Year that would require
> actors to play Arthur, Guinivere, Lancelot, and Merlin on a masque
> basis; but we had to set the project aside temporarily for real world
> workloads.

This promises to be a wonderful divertisement; I look forward to it.

Perhaps you can use some of Arthur's lines from _TlB_ (or from
Guillem Torroella's 14th century _La_Faula_, which Martorell borrowed

Since I already typed in some of King Arthur's lines last night
and mailed them to my work account, I'll include some here.

Here's how King Arthur responded when asked about honor:

"It is both necessary and expedient that mighty lords should
prize honor, for though men of good sense naturally seek this
quality, those who cannot recognize it will never acquire it.
Therefore I declare, with God before my eyes, that while honor
is the reverence accorded virtue, glory and fame differ from
honor, as the former can only proceed from the latter.  An
honorable king fears what he should fear and braves those
dangers that must be braved, whereby his majesty remains
untarnished, being enhanced through worthy deeds.  Men are
wont to seek honor that they may be held wise and righteous,
yet the outward sign merely reveals the inner truth, and since
reverence indicates its giver's righteousness, honor is the exter-
nal sign of such goodness, wherefore it is nobler and more
honorable to defer than to be deferred to."

* Has the concept of honor changed between Martorell's time and our own?

* Had it changed between Tirant's time and Martorell's?

* Had it changed between Arthur's time and Tirant's?

* "An honorable king fears what he should fear"?

-- Alfredo
Alfredo el Bufon
Elvegast, Windmaster's Hill, Atlantia

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?
   -- Dr. Robert Schuller

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