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Re: MR-Disc: What A Knight Requires

Poster: "Sharon Henderson" <sharon@intercon.com>

> The emperor then urged Breunis Saunce Pite' to ask what a man of 
> arms needs, to which the king replied: 
> "The first and principal thing a knight requires is to support the 
> weight of his armor; the second is to practice arms constantly; the 
> third is to withstand hunger; the fourth is to be able to sleep badly 
> and live uncomfortably; the fifth is to fearlessly risk his life 
> for justice and the common good, thus saving his soul as though he 
> had been pious and chaste all his life; the sixth is not to fear the 
> sight of blood; the seventh is to skillfully defend himself and slay 
> his enemies; and the eighth is to be ashamed of craven flight." 
> * Why isn't horsemanship on this list? 
> * Should anything be added for a KSCA?  Like a truck or van? 
> * Should anything be deleted for the Current Middle Ages?  For 
>   instance, does the "saving his soul" part violate General Order Six 
>   from the BoD? 
> -- Alfredo 

Good Alfredo,

	Perhaps the horse can be implied in the comment about supporting the 
weight of his armor?

	:-) for a KSCA, one might wish to add "a lady fair/handsome lord who is 
willing to wash his/her gambeson from time to time, hug him/her while sweaty, 
and make favors for him/her to wear into battle.... much less to inspire him/
her to deeds of martial fervor....  :-)

	I don't think the saving his soul part violates G.O VI; after all, 
since all religions have at least _something_ about the health of one's soul, 
there's almost no way one could offend any of them by being so concerned.

	My 2 pfennigs,

	Meli ferch Iasper
	Not At Pennsic (NAP) tm.

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