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Re: Pennsic Moments

Poster: Gary Bryers <gbryers@conterra.com>

I will say that this was a great Pennsic.  Having marshalled in the
woods battle, and done inspections for the rest of the war, I was privy
to many comments from both sides of the war.  Overwhelmingly, the main
comment was on how nice it was to fight an honorable opponent (applied
to either side equally), and that most fighters were greatly enjoying
	I even got to watch a good friend of mine fight his first melee, and
come off with a bad case of "the fever".  Eyes wide, grin impossibly
large, and his comment "I killed me a knight!  And I liked it so much, I
killed the one next to him, too!" (And yes, he did die a few times
himself, but that didn't dampen the experience).
	I was als pretty special when my Lady and I got called up in court, and
were awarded Arms!
 	Overall, a very good Pennsic!
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