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Re[3]: MR:REQ:Rapier legal garb

Poster: timothy_vanvranken@ed.gov (Timothy vanVranken)

     Good People,
     I need to digress from the current conversations of what fabrics can 
     be constructed into legal rapier garb.  Does anyone know of any 
     suppliers in the Storvik area who carry Fencing Jackets.  My Lady is 
     slowly gathering the necessary equipment for fencing (she found some 
     great deals at Pennsic), but what is left is a fencing jacket to be 
     the base of her garb.  She has hinted strongly that it "could" be a 
     birthday present.  Any ideas on where to look?  Is mail order better?  
     Is the jacket something that she needs to try on for fit?  As you can 
     probably guess, I know little as far as fencing goes, though this 
     thread (no pun intended) on fabrics has been quite enlightening.  
     Thank you all.
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