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Re: Re[2]: MR:REQ:Rapier legal garb

Poster: Mark Schuldenfrei <schuldy@abel.MATH.HARVARD.EDU>

  The stuff we have today called silk is different than period silk - more like
  slipper silk?  I suppose it is possible for certain kinds of materials to
  work and other kinds of the same material to fail. No, Tadgh, I never have
  done a punch test on silk and you're right, it could hold up. The important
  point is to do the test on any material before going to the trouble and
  expense of making armor of it.

Back when we first got the punch test rules, and we were making fun of them, we
punch tested lots of material.  Silk passes: but so did 4 sheets of single ply
toilet paper.  (No lie!)

The reason?  Both very nicely wadded up and stuffed into the puncture hole made
by the broken weapon, and were not damaged.  Not exactly protection, but it
passes the rules.

Which, after all, was the sole point of the exercise.  "Armor" which merely
decorates puncture wounds is not armor.

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