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Re: Photosquoze OED

Poster: Michael and MJ Houghton <herveus@access.digex.net>

Alfredo tallied thusly:
> Michael the Eclectic:	fermi
> Alys of Foxdale:	fermi
> Gyrth and Melisande:	fermi
> Henry Best:		fermi
> Alfredo el Bufon:	fermi
> Meli:			pico, fermi
> Tamar the Gypsy:	fermi
> Tirloch:		fermi
> Jaelle:			fermi
> Herveus:		fermi
make that a pico...
> Aodhan Doilfin:		fermi
> Anne Elizabeth:		pico
> Dragonfyr:		fermi
> Miri:			fermi
> In this table
> "pico" means "has the one-volume OED, First Edition",
which is actually the Second Edition, if I recall correctly...
> "fermi" means "has the two-volume OED, First Edition",
> "bagel" means "has the full-size OED, First Edition",
> "wumpus" means "has the CD-ROM OED, Second Edition", and
> "bull" means "has the full-size OED, Second Edition".
> Please post any addition of corrections.
ahh yup...

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