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Re: Coronation Question

Poster: "Sharon Henderson" <sharon@intercon.com>

> Poster: "Lynn Pawelka" <lynn_pawelka@server.hort.ncsu.edu> 
> Greetings, good gentles in the Merry Rose. 
> Now that Pennsic is behind us, we begin to look toward the next 
> major event for Atlantia - the coronation of TRH Logan and Arielle. I 
> have one question regarding this event: What exactly is meant by 
> "English gothic"? 
> Many thanks, 
> Celynnen 

Good milady,

	I'm utterly guessing here, but it would seem to me that English Gothic 
costume would be from the architectural period of the same name?  Is that 
early 1200's to early 1300's?

	I've been asking this question on the Rialto, and the answers I've 
received in email have ranged from "any garb at all, worn with pale makeup, 
blood capsules, and fangs!" to "ask the royals involved...."  ;-)

	Your Highnesses, if you're listening, are we anywhere near the ballpark 
here?  Some of your soon-to-be-subjects didn't get their fill of "Cool Garb 
Sewing Frenzy" before Pennsic!!  :-)

	Meli ferch Iasper
	(Who has absolutely NO sources on 1200's-1300's costuming....)


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