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Re: At last it can be told

Poster: "Sharon Henderson" <sharon@intercon.com>

> > Were Tuchuces banned? 
>   No.  Just moved to Dagen's Dell and told to be good.  Which, as far as 
> I know, they were. 

Hi all,

	As someone who camped with Clan Badger's Crossing in Dagen's Dell, I 
can state for the record that the 'chux were what they have always been to us: 
good neighbors.  No one at Pennsic goes entirely without making some noise -- 
and anyway, at Pennsic I'm beginning to believe I *cannot* sleep without the 
sound of drums somewhere....  :-)  But they've always come to visit, let us 
visit them, were courteous, good-natured, and amusing.

	And what's more, Animal brought his new little son, Jagan, down to 
visit us.  What a fine and proper little warrior he is, too!  We heard how 
Animal brought his katana to the hospital for the birth -- and the first thing 
little Jagan touched after his birthing was his sire's sword.  (I thought that 
was pretty cool....)

	Dagen's Dell was a nice place to camp.  But BOY, was it far away.... 
some part of me was almost relieved I was only there for the weekend!

	BTW, the medallion was a brass sundial, which only needed a couple of 
beads on a string to work.  Very cool, if a little heavy; there were jokes 
being made that we'd had Pennsic for 25 years, and now they were giving us a 
gold watch -- and if we're retired, then ten thousand OTHER people would have 
to attend Pennsic next year.  (I guess that means we all change persona....)


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