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Re: At last it can be told

Poster: Scott Law <law@sirocco.mitre.org>

> > I went up for Land Grab and all should look at the hill on your left as
> > you enter the troll entrance as it is neat, cool, etc. Coopers also
> > echoes the hill statement with a similar one done by the main bath
> > house. The medallion is brass and very cool. No more said as it should
> > be a surprise for those gentles when they pass through troll.

> What was "the hill statement"?

  Up above the archery range (actually the clout target was move down and
to the right a bit) a rectangle was left unmowed except for the letters XXV.

> > PS Clan Cambion is living on Tuchux Hill for those interested...
> Was it renamed Cambion Hill?

  No, since they were not the only ones up there.  I call it The Geographic
Location Formerly Known As Tuchux Hill, but then I like to have things thrown 
at me. ;)

> Were Tuchuces banned?

  No.  Just moved to Dagen's Dell and told to be good.  Which, as far as 
I know, they were.

> Was it because of the incident last year?

  I believe so.

> What about those Tuchuks who are also in the SCA?

  Them too.

> Did this ban have any effect on the War's outcome, or the experience?

  I'll let the fighters handle that one, beyond saying not for me.


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