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Announcement: Not Enough Saxon Violence

Good Cousins All:

Pray bear with gentle patience my interruption with this event announcement.

 			  Not Enough Saxon Violence
                            October 26-27, 1996
The year is 948.  The place is Viking Kingdom of York, Northumberland,
England.  The Anglo Saxon Chronicle records that:

     This year king Edred overran all Northumberland; because
     they had taken Eric for their king; and in the persuit of
     plunder was that large minster at Rippon set on fire, which
     St. Wilferth built.  As the king returned homeward, he
     overtook the enemy at York; but his main army was behind
     at Chesterford.  There was great slaughter made; and the
     king was so wroth, that he would fain return with his
     force, and lay waste the land withal; but when the council
     of the Northumberians understood that, they then abandoned
     Eric, and compromised the deed with king Edred.

The Barony of Storvik invites you to come and join us in a recreation of
Edred's campaign against Eric Bloodaxe.  On October 26, 1996, at Patuxtant
River Park (Croom), one of the battles of Edred of England and Eric Bloodaxe
will be fought.  On one side, Norse and Danes.  On the other, the English and
Danes.  Once the warriors are divided into armies, each army will acclaim
(elect) it's King. Weapons and shield forms are limited to those known in 10th
century England,Ireland, and Scandanavia (i.e., round or kite shields, and
single-handed swordsor axes, spears, viking two-handed [long] axes.  No great
swords, two swords.  Pole arms may be waived if declared and used exclusively
as either spears or viking two-handed axes).  Non combatants may watch the
battles, or participate in the recreation as a Camp Follower or Refugee.
 Anyone with ideas for non-combatant activities please contact the autocrat.

Following the battles, there will be a feast, drawn from A Handbook of
Anglo-Saxon Food & Drink, prepared by the Camp Followers in period fashion
(i.e., open fire cooking). Weather permitting, the feast will be eaten around
the fire.  The mead-horn will be passed, and each warrior encouraged to boast
his tale of battle.  The following day, Sunday October 27, a Kingdom War
Practice will be held.

The site is Patuxent River Park (Croom) in Prince George's County, Maryland.
The site will open Friday Evening, October 25th, for early arrivals.  The site
will open at 5PM, October 25 for early arrivals; we must be off the site at
dusk on the 27th.

Feast & Fees: On-board, $10 (camping included).  Off-board, $5 (camping or
day-trip).  Onboard space at the feast is limited to 75 people; offboard space
is unlimited.  We have reserved camping space for at least 100 persons.  The
site is dry, though we have been granted a beer license that will allow us to
provide a keg of beer for the feast.  On-board reservations close Saturday,
October 19. Camping is included in the on & off-board site fee.  Send
reservations to: Jeff Tyeryar, 3603 Oliver Street, Hyattsville, MD, 20782.
Attn: Saxon Violence

Directions: Take your best route to the Washington Beltway/I-95/I-495.
Exit on Hwy 4/Pennsylvania Ave towards Upper Marlboro.  This exit is about
the 4 o'clock position of the beltway circle.  Follow Hwy 4 approx 7.5 miles
to Hwy 301 South. Follow 301 South for 1.5 miles. Turn left on Croom Station
Road.  At stop, turn left on Croom Road.  Travel 1.5 miles, turn left on
Croom Airport Road which dead ends at the park.  Follow SCA signs to site.

The Autocrat is Lord Beornheard of Wearmouth (Jeff Tyeryar), 301-559-7852,
tyeryar@aol.net.  The Head Cook is Lady Elise Clairmont (Erci Nolan),
enolan@aol.net.  Questions and comments are encouraged!

Jeff Tyeryar			Project Coordinator
tyeryar@aol.net			Database Operations Group
tyeryar@aol.com			AOL Technologies