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RE: naive queries gone astray

Poster: Charlene Noto <charlenn@MICROSOFT.com>

>>Elen Prydydd wrote:
>Jeez, somebody send me a case of mead, none of mine's fit to drink..yet
>I'll just hide here and wait until the eye passes over.  I just wanted the
>parameters of the competition <whimper>...
Actually, although I didn't expect the volume, I have enjoyed and
learned from some of the comments (although I do wish the subject header
did not still mention A&S/heraldry at Pointless <g>) And, as you read,
there are different viewpoints even among Heralds as to what
can/should/is, etc.

But...the competition/display...
Number of items in the display or competition is not limited. The
competition will be judged as a group effort and the display is, of
course, not judged (although hopefully you will be able to receive
feedback if you desire such)

Individuals without their own heraldry might want to consider talking
with their local group or Barony and see if they would like your support
in displaying their colors, badges, etc.

The point of the Pointless competition ;-) is "Wouldn't it be nice to go
to a War and watch a battle that was full of color, flags, streamers,
heraldic clothing, painted shields, etc., etc. and hopefully learn
something about why heraldry was used, what different forms were used?"
That is what I am hoping to learn, anyway.


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