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RE: Oh, Heralds! Oh, Heralds!

Poster: Charlene Noto <charlenn@MICROSOFT.com>

>Eldred answers Deirdre
>Scenario #1 [snip]
Alas, my dear Lady, I will not be attending the War.  I cannot predict
what may be seen there....8^(  This, I know, is not the answer you had
hoped for...

Well, no my dear Eldred, you can not predict what WILL be seen....but
you can tell me what you would  LIKE to see there, IF you WERE able to
go. <Deirdre grins, being very stubborn today and winks at Eldred>

>%Scenario #2
>Lord Herald B says,
>Hmmm.  Quite a dilemma!  I had thought to enter the contest myself, as I am
>also one of the few scribes in the Southernmost region of Atlantia.  It would
>not be fair for me to judge the contest.  Would you prefer one less
>in favor of one more judge?

Ooooh, no fair...didn't expect that one. Actually, there are other
Heralds who have expressed a willingness to judge and I would love to
see you participate in this. Soooo, what kinds of things were done in
period in a Roll of Arms? How 'bout some various sources for people to
look at?


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