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Re: NITPICK: Re: Heraldic Side Note

Poster: clevin@rci.ripco.com (Craig Levin)

Branwynn dixit:

> Ego dixi:
> > Nope. You've neglected to state that there's a chief up there.
> > Being a herald myself, I can see the error of your blazoner. What
> > he or she intended was:
> Ummmm, no. What he intended was what I wrote. He showed me 
> chapter and verse in a book of his possession, which did not
> interest me in the least since I am not a herald. This then
> went on up the ranks and was nowhere along the way corrected.
> I must assume from this that it is, as I stated, a Herald-Thang.
> Either that, or that everyone from Laurel on down needs
> re-educating.

It's possible that you may have misread the blazon. Since I'll be
at Laurel's this weekend, I'll just nip over and look at your
forms. When did you send in your forms? Some of the older stuff
is in storage over at Herveus' house.

> > If you don't tell people that there's a chief up there, you've
> > messed up your blazon. Chief, of course, is not only an
> > appellation for a charge, but also a direction on the shield-the
> > top. "In chief" and "on a chief" are two different things. Think
> > of it this way:
> Likely I have messed up then, as I don't have my submission copy
> in front of me. Likely it was "Azure, an estoile of eight rays
> Argent, and ON a chief, three gouttes Azure." I was just copying
> off of the previous poster's paper... But nowhere does it mention
> the tincture of the chief. Or say "of the second."

Well, we'll have to see, unless Jae has been bitten by the bug of
curiosity, and has decided to pore through the files herself.

> Please educate the other heralds regarding this!! :^) Somehow,
> in two totally different kingdoms we have heralds (and the one
> who advised me was our White Stag (principal) herald)
> advocating what you have told me is bad blazoning. Surely
> there is some education flaw somewhere? 

As merely a junior minion (tm), I could be wrong. But we'll have
to see.

Craig Levin
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