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Re: Oh, Heralds! Oh, Heralds!

Poster: CORVUS2@aol.com

Whoops!  Seems to be some slight confusion here...  Let me sum up...

Lady Deirdre, may I introduce Lord Tibor, a herald of the East kingdom...

Lord Tibor, may I introduce, Lady Deirdre, A&S minister for the Kingdom of

Lord Tibor, what you may not be aware of is that Lady Deirdre and Triton have
sponsored a Roll of Arms competition for Fall Crown Tourney and one of the
A&S competitions for Pointless war is heraldic display...

Now that everybody is on the same page, I think Deirdre is asking for an
explanation of the judging for these competitions.  I'm going to defer to
Herveus (Triton) for the Roll of Arms competition, since he already seems to
have in mind what he wants.

As for Pointless, I think Tibor's procession idea might be fun...  And of
course, we could expect Tabards, and Banners and Shields, oh my!  Another
thing I always note is clothing other than tabards, such as ladies' dresses
with heraldic designs and naturally, pavilions, chairs, chests, etc.  All
kinds of things can be decorated and included in a display of your heraldry.

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