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Re: (fwd) From Edmund, Kateryn, Bjorn, Morgen, & Anne

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>

Good Gentles all, I give you greeting.

The incidents that occured at Pennsic last between the Dark Horde, Their
Majesties East and Middle, and Her Grace Duchess Anne, were lamentable
at best. However, Their Majesties and Her Grace have all chosen to mend
the hurts and to put this behind them in a grand gesture of Courtesy
and Common Sense. Can we do no less?

Tibor gave his version of the short form, and though some of his comments
were a bit exaggerated, they were in the main correct. Mikhail gave a
further and more accurate accounting. However, I can see this thread
devolving into what has already been occuring on the Rialto, and I
beg you all to let it lie. Five out of the six parties who were directly
involved have chosen to make amends with one another. What Their Majesties
East and Middle choose to do about the Horde is another matter that we
will likely not hear about directly, and everyone knows the veractiy of
indirect information in the SCA.

For those who are truly interested in this issue, I have archived all
the mail Her Grace has posted to the Rialto, and further I have a letter
posted there by Cian Khan of the Dark Horde detailing his direct experience
with Their Majesties. To continue this discussion based on second and
third hand mis-information though is both pointless and unchartible to
those who were involved.

In closing I will leave you with these words spoken to me by a wiser
man than I; 

	    Beneath the calm, professional exterior of the SCA, 
	     lurk all the subtle, interpersonal dynamics of a 
			nursery school at recess.

In service,

   Corun MacAnndra   | Porcellus fori; Porcellus domi; Porcellus carnivorus;
 Dark Horde by birth |    Porcellus non voratus; Porcellus plorans domum.
   Moritu by choice  |                                  Mater Goose
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