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Re: Ceremonies of property transfer

Poster: Rowanwald South <rowanwald@wwisp.com>

Peters, Rise J. wrote:
> I'm trying to get access to a copy of Littleton's (thanks for the cite) but
> would love a quick and dirty summary, 

after Pedro de Alcazar sent
> ...(snip)...If you don't have access to a law
> library, email me, and I'll send you the gory details, or post
> them to the Merry Rose, if anyone else would like to hear them.

To which Rosine says, "Oh please! Yes, yes! Here, let me give you this 
chair. Wait, I'll put another cushion on it... Stay right there and I'll 
bring you a drink... there! comfy? Goodie - now tell us the neat stuff."

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