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Re: Creeping Bureaucracy

Poster: Falcone al Rasool ibn Muhajir <polearmed@worldnet.att.net>

Allah's Peace on the Rose, and Allah's Bountiful and Merciful Blessings on you and your 
house, Mar Yaakov!!

Harold Feld wrote:
> Poster: hfeld@ids2.idsonline.com (Harold Feld)
> Greetings from Yaakov:
> What a revoltin' development this is!  Good grief, can't we do *anything*
> without someone on the BOD trying to nationalize it in the name of the
> people.  (Please spare me the usual 'Board members are hard-working
> volunteers' etc.  The road to Hell is paved with such well meaning deeds,
> and I have seen organizations go to ruin through the best efforts of
> dilligent officers.)

I like that response ("Someone on the bod") because it leaves Rabah alone to do the job 
thus commanded to do, whether anyone like is or not.  We should remember to do our 
jobs and offer kind help to others when we think we can, not throw dart and arrows 
at those who are doing what they are told adn what we happen to disagree with.  Many of 
the posts voicing an opinion against this "nationalism" were outright caustic and 
directed at Rabah.  Very inappropriate and I answered in kind. (BTW, i didn't mean to 
offend anyone but Landi with the "sphinctre factor" thing;)
> Do you seriously propose that it is impolite or forbidden to give an
> officer feedback on proposed policy?  And that they should dismiss such
> feedback as mere whining?  (Or that we should dismiss such feedback because
> the people involved are merely the recipients of the policy and have never
> held the office in question?)  While certaionly one of the more polite
> formulations of "my way or the highway," I do not think you have thought
> through the implications of your statement.

Intentionally caustic bitching and finerpointing aren't worth the crap they flumed out 
of someone's mouth with.  Feedback is objective, well-intentioned, and delivered 
frankly but kindly.  I find it difficult at best to see some of the posts on this 
subject referred to as feedback.  If you want to bitch and moan, it's whining, Yaakov.  
If you want to share some feelings as to why you don't like this particular initiative, 
then do so, but not at Rabah's expense.  Luckily, the subject is being discussed much 
more appropriately now.

> If Rabbah were not a friend and known to you, how would it effect your
> feelings on criticizing the office or the policy?

Well, I think I have met Rabah once, but I may be wrong.  I just became what I hated and 
started asjusting my own s-factor up the scale when I saw the first nastygram hit the 

> Harold Feld
> Yaakov HaMizrachi 
Nice to hear from you Yaakov.  I miss your posts to the Rialto, so I don't spend much 
time on the bride myself these days.  If I had realized you were lurking here, I might 
have tried to bait you into a discussion;)

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